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Human Hamster Roller Race

February 15, 2019YL
Inflatable PVC Tarpaulin Water Roller it is actually a very good group building project. Do you know?


Everyone likes to go to the pool, play by the lake or the beach in the summer!

Especially the summer inflatable water park is always the most lively, there is much fun

water games like inflatable water ball, water slides, water obstacles, Flyfish, water

Saturn, inflatable icebergs, Water Totter(Seesaw);water trampolines, etc.


PVC water roller in water park



OF course, don't forget our inflatable roller game! Experience the feeling of running on the water in the ring like a hamster!

team build human hamsterIn addition to experiencing the roller game on the water, you can experience the same on the grass! This PVC Roller is one of the best team building projects!


The roller relay race is first of all after a person finishes running and adds a team member to complete the game together. How to finish the game in a fast and successful game requires a certain tacit understanding.

Please watch our video for specific operations.

team build filp it up games
A game project with dual use in grass or water is more popular!  Our Inflatable Flipit game is also a good choice, it can also be a perfect photo background.

Let's have a PVC roller relay race this summer!