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Mini size foot Dart- Let Children Get Involved!

December 02, 2017YL
Promotional price starts with $299 per set, single side /double available
Recently, YL INFLATABLES has introduced a new model of Mini size foot darts, which receives lots of favour from new and old customers in a short period of time. 
So, what shining points does it has?
foot dart foot dart 2
1.Original Model
The Mini foot dart breaks tradition and has its design patent. You will find there are no identicals in the market.
2. Let Younger Children Get Involved. 
That foot dart game is no longer exclusive to teenagers or adults' game. Younger children also can be involved in the game. Compared to giant foot dart board, This mini size foot dart is more beneficial for younger children to improve their confidence and shooting accuracy without over drastic poses. 
foot dart
3.Preferential Price
Promotional price starts with $299 per set, single side /double available, and accessories like balls, pump is included! 
single side foot dartdouble side soccer dart
4. Easy for Children Activities and Events.
The small size will not take much space,  can be widely used in parties, festivals, event rentals, theme parks, school, education, community centers, etc...
5.Quality Assurance.
Our foot dart board are popular and exported to many countries.
We are dedicated to customers' satisfaction, and always improve our technique.
Besides, We offer larger size foot dart, such as 3m, 5m, 7m(23 feet) and so on.
foot dart customer
Guangzhou YL Inflatables Ltd.
December 2th, 2017