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The magical Inflatable pool is coming!

March 04, 2019YL
Do you know what games can play in inflatable water pool?

Summer is coming, are you ready for your pool event!

Experienced customers know that having an inflatable pool to do activities can not only save money but also make it easier to make more money!

So, what games can in the pool play?


The first is that you only need some water to match the Inflatable Water balls, Zorb balls, Water rollers or Paddle boats, which is very popular among children at any events or carnivals.


The second is that you play Zorb ball, Show dancing ball, Water roller without water. As a sports venue, you can feel the difference in playing zorb ball or rolling ball on land and water! It’s even possible to put a lot of ocean balls into a treasure hunt enough for kids to play all day.


Is the pool only suitable for children to play?



Of course, not. Pool games are suitable for all ages. Adults like to challenge. Then match our game like inflatable wobbly boats (stepping stones games) and experience the feeling of swinging bridge in the water!

YL fACTORY SWIMMING POOL HOT SALEstepping stones games in water pool


Of course, the different pool styles of different games are different. We have a variety of styles of pools, welcome to consult! There are still many ways to enjoy the pool game, please stay tuned.