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Great! Bubble Soccer Ball with Window

June 19, 2018YL
Thanks to our customers for feedback on the bubble with window ball. Don't forget the fun bumper ball game during the leisure time watching the 2018 World Cup!

I know you are all immersed in the 2018 World Cup. I also like to watch the World Cup. 

2018 World Cup  19 June

But what makes me happy is that I received customer feedback from the inflatable bubble with a window!
kids play inflatable bumper ball with window games
Seeing the photos sent by the customers, I know from the children's smile that they all like this bumper ball with window. The fresh air, the wide field of vision and the clarity of the conversation you give to the players.
inflatable bubble soccer with window
Let's enjoy inflatable bumper ball football game while watching the World Cup!
2018 FIFA World Cup