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Orange Inter-color Water Balls

Name Inflatable Water Walking Ball
Brand YL
1.5m , 2m , 2.5m ,   3m Diameter etc.
4.92ft , 6.56ft , 8.20ft ,   9.84ft Diameter etc.
Material 0.7mm/ 1.0mm TPU
Zipper  Standard TI zip(Germany Zipper )
Colors Clear(Transparent),Red,Yellow,Blue,Green, Apple Green,Pink, Black,Orange, etc.
Package Transparent Wrapping Film+210D Oxford bag + Carton 
Package size 62*47*35cm
Package Weight
12.5kg(1.8m)/14kg  (2m)/21kg(2.5m)/29kg(3m) , etc.
27.56lb(1.8m)/30.86lb  (2m)/46.30lb(2.5m)/63.93lb(3m) , etc.
Delivery Way By Express,By Air or By Sea .
Delivery time According to your requirements
MOQ 1pc
Price 99USD--399USD
Payment  T/T,L/C,MoneyGram,PayPal, Western Union or Cash
Usage Swimming Pool,  Beach, Water Park, Lake, River, Shoaling Water, Advertising Display, Ect.
Accessories CE/UL Inflatable Blower or Pump
Repair Kits Included, PVC/TPU Material, Zip Oil, Glue. Ect.
Selling price: sale inquiry


Advantages of YL Inflatable TPU Water bubble Ball:

1. Original TIZIP zipper made in Germany, we import zipper from TIZIP directly.
2. Imported miller welding machine which has stable welding temperature, so the water walking ball will not
overwelded or lesswelded and more durable.
3. Reinforced soft handle which has better adhension than the hard plastic handles.
4. Reinforced protection panel at the zipper so that the high temperature will not damage the zipper.
5. Durable hot velcro cover will protects the zipper very well and more durable.
6. Big cartons so that the water balls will not be folded too much.


Material : Plato TPU 
expensive , but best quality
(YL factory choose it)
Material : Normal TPU
Cheap , but low quality,easy 
to turn yellow(Many factories choose it)


Material-cutting Way : by machine
Quick , Standard , Stable 
(strictly controlled by computer)
Material-cutting Way : by hand
Slow , Nonstandard , Unstable
(Quality depends on workers'


Soft handles : gluing+welding
Will never come off (YL Orginal New Technique)
Soft handles or Hard handle : glue only
easy come off by temperature and time
(Old and normal way)


Velcro : welded by hot air machine directly
durable and looks beter
Velcro : by sewing and welding.
Easily break and not good-looking


Packing : wrapping film +nylon bag+Big carton
Keep newly and safe for transport
Packing : carton only or with nylon bag
Easy get old and break when transport


Water Ball Instructions

Usage Steps 
1. Child crawls in, sit down. Hold the handle, pull away from the handle (so the zip is held straight), closing 70%.
2. Hold the tube from the outside(only use air tube, nothing more rigid).   Hold toggle with fingers of left hand,
if air is not going in as fast as you like,  try wiggling the tube/straightening it out. 
3. When the ball is fully inflated, allow the tube to fall out ,then close the zip by holding the handle and 
pulling away from the handle. You will know then the ball is fully inflated by looking at the ball,  hearing the sound of the blower change and by tapping the ball and feeling that it is solid. 
4. Make sure that the zip is pulled all the way to the end at that it is fully closed with no gaps. 
5. Make sure child is sitting when entering and exiting the pool. 
6. Make sure they are kept always from tool sides, any other hazards or swimmers, hold rope, supervise and 
do put pull rope hard.When getting the child out of the pool, tell them to sit down slowly and bring them to
the pool side, get the ball out of the water, Don’t pull the ball with the handles just for position. 
7. Open the ball by holding the handle and pull away from the handle. 8.Make sure child crawls out(if they walk out they might trip).
1. Never use without adult supervision.
2. Always test and check product and safe equipment before use.
3. Always lubricate zipper before use.
4. User must be at least 5 years old, and be able to swim.
5. User must not weigh more than 100 kg.
6. User must not be under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other stimulus.
7. User must not have undergone surgery within the last 6 months.
8. Never use in stormy water, or if there are strong currents.
1. If the water walking ball should be punctured there is no reason to panic. The user should signal the representative or the person in charge at shore, and the water ball will be pulled to shore.
2. The water walking ball will not sink even if filled with many liters of water. The user should not try to open the zipper from the inside.  this can cause the ball to fill with water.
3. If the user experience an unforeseen incident he or she should immediately signal the representative and he will initiate the appropriate safety measures.
4. A hole can easily be repaired with the extra repair kit that comes with the water ball.
5. If there is a puncture in the water ball, it should be pulled to shore, and the user should exit the ball.
6. The water walking ball is to be taken out of use until the hole has been patched.
Storage Rules
1. Keep the ball in a dry and cool place.
2. When in storage the zipper should be closed to protect the zippers teeth.
3. Don't place the ball in places where there are sharp objects that can damage the ball.
4. The ball shall be emptied of air and packaged together for proper storage.  
5. Do not leave the ball in the sun when not in use.
6. Always examine the ball before and after use.


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