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Promotion Inflatable Bumper Ball Prices, Body Zorbing Bubble Ball for Sale

Promotion Inflatable Bumper Ball Prices, Body Zorbing Bubble Ball for Sale Details:
Name: Inflatable Bumper Ball
Brand: YL
Size: 1.25m, 1.55m, 1.8m etc.
Material: TPU
Colors: Clear(Transparent), Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Pink, Black, Orange, etc.
Package: PVC Tarpaulin Bag + Weaving Bag. (double package)
Package size:54x47x48cm,54x47x24cm,47x25x25cm,
Weight:6kg -12kg.
Delivery Way: By Express, By Air or By Sea
Delivery time: According to your requirements
MOQ: 1pc
Price: 49~299USD
Payment : T/T,L/C,MoneyGram,PayPal, Western Union or Cash
Usage: Grass, Beach, Snow, Water Pool etc.
Accessories: CE/UL Inflatable Pump
Repair Kits:Included, Valve ,Valve tool,TPU/PVC Material, Sand paper ,Glue.

Detailed Product Description


Advantages of our YL TPU bumper ball 

1. We use Polyether  TPU for bumper balls, the performance is stable and will not become foggy , the Polyester TPU that most competitors have been using are not stable, it may become foggy in a short time.
2. By the way,Our TPU material is custom-made with European standard from a big factory ,it looks golden color . so it is quite different from other factories.
3. Our harness inside the ball is very flexible and you can adjust it at proper position quickly, the shoulder straps are padded around and it's comfortable to wear. 
4. we use the most durable stainless buckles and color webbing, it is never to be broken
5. the shoulder Straps and handles will never come off ,because we use our unique
workmanship(glue+welding) . It is YL Original Design.
tpu-half-color-bumper-ball_01Promotion Inflatable Bumper Ball Prices,body Zorbing Bubble Ball For Sale

Soccer Bumper Ball

We use Polyether  TPU for bumper balls, the performance is stable and will not become foggy, besides, our TPU material is custom-made with European standard from a big factory, it looks golden color. so it is quite different from other factories.

The Polyester TPU  that most competitors have been using is not stable, it may become foggy in a short time.or they use the low-level quality Polyether TPU that they buy from the wholesaler ( not the direct factory )


Top Quality Inflatables Bubble Balls

The straps and handles and handle that we use YL unique double workmanship (guling+welding) will
never break off.

Most of the competitors only use glue or only weld the straps and handles on the balls.   

It is very easy to break after you use for a period of time. please see the above photo. 


Bubble football  Rental

We put a soft sponge inside the straps that will make the player more comfortable.
  Some competitors just use the webbing for the straps, it will hurt the players easily.


Birthday Bubble Soccer Games

We use the highest quality stainless buckle that is customized for YL. 

Many competitors just the normal and thin metal buckle or plastic buckle.

They are very easy to break. It will be very dangerous for the players.


Best Bumper Ball for Sale

We use the transparent hose for the handles, that is also very important. Because it will Isolate sweat to avoid it smell bad and get hurt of the hands of the players.

Many competitors just use webbing as the handles ,it will make the players get hurt very easily and the handle webbing will get smell very badly.


Soccer Bubble Ball Club

Usually, we make customers’ logos for promotion by silk screen inside the balls.
This will make the Logos look brighter and avoid to get damaged easily.

Many competitors print the logos on the outside surface of the balls , that will be very easy to get damaged and ugly-looking.



The Light-weight special buckles we created from the year 2010, that make the balls much lighter.then the players will feel more comfortable when they use them. This kind of balls has been very popular for more and more customers.

More and more competitors always try to copy us, but never Surpassed. Of course, many competitors still use the old way(round TPU buckle), this will cause the balls heavier and will be very easy to break if the workers don’t weld it at a very standard temperature. please see the above photo.


Inflatable Bubble Bumper Ball Package

Packing: wrapping film +nylon bag+Big carton
Keep newly and safe for transport
Packing: carton only or with nylon bag
Easy get old and break when transport




Shinning inflatable-bumper-ball




Available Colors You Can Choose 


Shinning Bumper Ball Inflatables

    Red Blue Green



Orange Bubble Soccer

        Orange     Different Colors



Available Size You Can Choose


Specifications TPU Bubble Football

Please feel free to contact us, we are always at your service.


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