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Bubble football, or bubble soccer, is the recreation/sport of playing football while encased in an inflated torus, similar to a zorb, which covers the player’s upper body and head. This game is typically played in teams in large indoor spaces or outdoor fields. Bubble soccer is often played at corporate team building days, stag parties, bachelor parties, and birthday parties. There are also many variations of bubble football, such as bubble bowling or bubble sumo. we are specialized in manufacturing and developing the bumper ball, Buy Bumper Ball, Body Zorb for sale, Bumper Ball Manufacturer & Bumper Ball Supplier in Guangzhou China. Email: sales@yl-inflatables.comBumper Ball, Body Zorbs, Soccer Bubble Ball Suit, Body Bumper Ball manufacturer, Knocker Soccer
Bumper Ball 25
TPU Bumper Ball 17
TPU Bumper Ball17
  • Wearable bubble soccer
  • Human Inflatable Bubble Soccer
  • Two Side Color Bumper Soccer Ball
  • Classic Half of Black Bumper Ball with Window
  • Inflatable Bubble Suit With Window
  • Inflatable Human Bubble Bumper Ball
  • Inflatable Body Bubble Bumper Ball with Window
  • Inflatable Body Bubble Bumper Ball with Window
PVC Bumper Ball 8
PVC Bumper Ball8
  • Human Soccer Bubble Ball Loopy Ball, Bumper Ball Bubble Football
  • Body Zorb Bubble
  • Wholesale Multi-colors Football Bubble Soccer Bubble, Bubble Suit
  • New Bumper Ball / Human Soccer Bubble Ball / Bubble Football
  • Inflatable Bumper Bubble Ball Factory Zorbing Football Suit For Family
  • Color Dots Fun Football ball, Bubble Bumper Ball
  • Inflatable Bumper Ball, Bumber For Sale
  • Full-Color Soccer Bubble