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  • Dubai World Trade Center
  • Welcome to Join YL We’re so excited to have our annual graduate recruitment fair in college last Saturday. We need more sales and assistant :)
  • Special Price For Stock Goods (From Nov.1st to 30th, 2016) Special Price For Stock Goods(1st,Oct.~31st,Oct.2016)Inflatable Snooker Ball Football, Inflatable Pool Table Field Snooker, Inflatable Snooker Football Field - Buy Inflatable Snooker Ball Football, Snooker Football , 2016 new inflatable snookball game, inflatable football field, giant inflatable snooker ball
  • Gymnastics Air Floor from the Air Track Factory are made according to the latest techniques, rely on good workmanship and are made of the best materials (supreme quality Double Wall Fabrics).
  • Inflatable Air Track This is usually the first thing someone says the first time they step on an Air Floor. How can something so thin be so bouncy? The design and construction of the Air Floors is what make the product so unique. The Air Floor is a product that allows athletes to train harder, while still minimizing the risk of injury.
  • Air Floor Pro for Sale A thicker version of our standard Air Floor, the PRO version is a great option as an all around training aid or as a substitute for a Rod Floor. The Air Floor PRO is a bouncier version of the current Air Floor and is not required to be placed on a padded surface. The Air Floor PRO offers versatility in a gym, or as a portable station for mobile programs or exhibitions.
  • Air Track Mat Price The training set comprises of 4 Mats, which provides you with unlimited training variations. Thanks to the compact sizes you can just pick your spot and start training! Sturdy Velcro holds the mats in place to prevent movement during training.
  • Inflatable Gym Air Track This product is a combination of 4 items; the only limitation is your own creativity! All athletic disciplines can find a use for the AirTrack Training Set - Home Edition.
  • A Very Happy Reception It is really a very exciting day yesterday. After working together for more than 6 years, it is the first time Paul visited our factory.
  • Bumper Ball Game Multi-Colors Inflatable Knocker Ball,Knocker Soccer,Bubble Football
  • Inflatable Water Bubble Half Color Sticky Smash Walk On Water Hair Roller Inflatable Ball Sales
  • Water Zorbing Double Layer Water Bubble Ball
  • What Is a Zorb Ball? As a professional manufacturer of ZORB we can produce all kinds of Zorb Ball according to your requests, such as Clear Zorb Ball,Colour Zorb Ball,Colour Dot Zorb Ball,Glow Zorb Ball,Nuclear Globe,Soccer Zorb Ball,Body Zorbing Ball.
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Bumper Ball

Bumper Balls, Body Zorbs:

BUBBLE BALL  is also called body zorbingsoccer bubblebubble footballinflatbale bumper ballbody bumper ball etc. It is inflatable sphere 1.5m for adults and 1.2M for children, which is made of PVC 0.8MM or TPU 0.8MM material. Body Zorbing is the newest activity for 2011, Soccer football is physical, exhilarating, and enormous fun for children and adults .Now boddy zorbs is very popular. Bubble soccer have been seen on ITV and on BBC Sport, Even bubble ball have become part of the school sports scene in some schools. Body Zorballs, Bumper Ball Suit will be more and more popular worldwide in the furture.






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